Gaming club rules

Article 1.
These rules set out the conditions under which MUTABOR d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer) organizes games of chance at gaming machines located at the WINBET gaming club at Savska cesta 153, Zagreb.
Article 2
Visiting the gaming club and participating in the game is allowed only to adults (+18) who are required to prove their identity by an identification document. Persons in uniform may enter the gaming club only to perform their service. Attending a gaming club and participating in gambling The Organizer may temporarily ban or restrict certain individuals if there is a reasonable assumption that the frequency and intensity of their participation in the game jeopardize their subsistence minimum and if requested by family protection institutions in cases where the player uncontrolled playing causes harm to himself or his dependent family.
Article 3
Visitors to the gaming club are not allowed to bring technical aids that are appropriate to give them or others an advantage in the game.
Article 4
If there is a reasonable knowledge that a person has brought a technical aid within the meaning of Article 4 of these Regulations, then the managemenz of the gaming club may exclude them from the visit of the club.
Article 5
The employees of the gaming club must not be players in the gaming club in which they are employed.
Article 6
The Organizer and the Organizer staff are required to keep confidential information of players and their participation in the game, including information on their gains and losses. The obligation of secrecy has not been violated in cases where, in accordance with the provisions of the General Tax Law, there is no obligation of confidentiality and in cases where the organizer is obliged to act in accordance with the regulations governing the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
Article 7
Employees of the casino must not receive tips, gifts, or enjoy other benefits for themselves or others from the players, or provide financial assistance to the players.
Article 8
In slot machines, money is used as a stake. Each slot machine shows the status of the stakes for each individual player on each slot.
Article 9
The value or price of the slot machine is determined by the Organizer. The price of the game must be displayed on the slot machine or in a conspicuous place in the room where the slot machine is located.
Article 10
The result of each slot machine game is displayed on the screen. The winnings plan is also prominently displayed on the slot machine screen even when no one is playing in that slot machine.
Article 11
The player is entitled to winnings when any of the combinations highlighted in the onscreen winnings plan are realized in the game. The winnings are paid at the cash desk.
Article 12
In the event of a failure of the slot machine due to a power failure, a fault in the slot machine program or similar reasons, the player will be refunded the amount indicated by “CASH” on the slot of the slot machine unless the player causes a breakdown of the slot machine.
Article 13
Gambling machines must be designed or tuned so that the total number of programmed combinations pays players at least 80% of the value of the gambling payment with entry and exit records.
Article 14
The authorized employee of the organizer has the right to deny the game to an individual if he evaluates, or determines:
- if the person who plays or wants to play on the slot machine is under 18 years of age.
- if the player does not adhere to the instructions in the slot machine and improper handling can cause damage to the slot machine
-if player delay the game on the slot machine
-the player interferes with other participants in the game
Article 16
These rules must be prominently displayed in the slot machine room so that any interested person can see them.
Article 17
The rights, obligations and responsibilities of authorized personnel in connection with the operation of the machine are determined by the Organizer.
Article 18
These rules shall enter into force on the day of their adoption.
Article 19
In the event of any major winnings, the slot machine agrees to pay such winnings within 24 hours.