Responsible gaming

Gambling is an exciting leisure, but it can grow into a passion that cannot be controlled.
In order not to turn the joy and excitement of playing into an addiction:
- Determine the amount you are willing to invest in gambling and stop playing regardless of winnings or losses
- Don't play if your financial circumstances do not allow it
- Do not play with savings, money you have earmarked for something else, or borrow for gambling purposes
- Do not try to overcome unpleasant feelings and stress by gambling
Loss of control over gaming brings discord to personal, family or business endeavors.
It consists of frequent, repeated episodes of gambling that overcome the detriment of social, work, material and family values.
If you feel you are losing control of your behavior, please take the opportunity to speak anonymously and for free:

1.) KLOK – Club of gambling addicts, Zagreb, Zoran Zoricic, tel: 0800 7888
2.) VRAPČE HOSPITAL DEPENDENCE CLINIC - Dr. Ante Bagarić, tel: 01/3780 666
In order to prevent over-play protection, the Player may, in writing, personally, or by e-mail can deliver request to be excluded from the gambling.
The request shall be submitted in writing to: Mutabor d.o.o. Savska cesta 153, 10 000 Zagreb,
or is submitted in person at the Organizer at the same address at the WINBET gaming club, or by e-mail: You can download the request on our site, print it out and send it with a copy of your ID.